About My Services


I offer consultation services to discuss your concerns and assist you in determining the treatment that best meets your needs and personal circumstances. During the consultation, which usually consists of one to three appointments, I conduct an evaluation of your needs and gather background information so that I can best understand your situation. I will also talk with you about your goals for therapy and the possible ways to meet those goals. The purpose of the consultation is to understand your concerns and offer treatment recommendations that would be most helpful in addressing your needs. The consultation is also an opportunity to see if you and I would work well together. If I do not provide the kind of treatment that I think would be most helpful to you, I will assist you in locating a therapist who does.

Individual Psychotherapy

I offer individual (one-to-one) psychotherapy and provide both short-term and longer-term psychotherapy. As a therapist, I work hard to understand your personal story and particular issues and carefully think about your experiences in a creative and thoughtful way. After having a discussion with you about a good focus for therapy, our jointly-defined goals, and the ways to achieve those goals, I will then choose the treatment that is most appropriate and effective in addressing your needs and alleviating your distress. I strongly believe in a collaborative and interactive relationship between therapist and client and welcome an ongoing dialogue between you and me about your experience in therapy.

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